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How to Prepare Wi-Fi for an Event

How to Prepare Wi-Fi for an Event

When organizing large-scale events, you will often need to have an Internet connection. Using the services of wire operators is not suitable in this case. Wires are too time consuming to set up and remove after the event, are unprofitable, and are sometimes impossible to organize at all, such as when an event takes place outdoors. Addressing this issue is the logical use of event wi-fi solutions.

Wi-Fi requirements

More than a month before the event, due to the specifics of the state institutions (office services, signatures, approvals, suppliers, vendors and venue conditions, etc.), you should actively pursue Wi-Fi planning and comply with the event space’s Wi-Fi requirements:

  • Protect consumer Wi-Fi freedom of choice
  • Organize high-density Wi-Fi
  • Provide temporary event Wi-Fi
  • Make outdoor Wi-Fi available
  • Set up a Wi-Fi captive portal and splash page
  • Tune the channel planning for 2.4 and 5 GHz unlicensed networks
  • Consider interference and risk mitigation
  • Provide network monitoring and usage reports

The requirements for outdoor event Wi-Fi can be quite simple:

  • Coverage throughout the event area
  • Smooth operation
  • A flawless signal
  • A seamless NFC network
  • Maximum ease of use for conference participants
  • Some roaming, if needed

In addition, almost every modern attendee carries the Internet with them in the form of a mobile connection. To make a visit to the exhibition, a training seminar, or a conference as convenient and pleasant as possible, you should organize your high-speed access to the guest network on any mobile app as well.

The basis is a powerful router that can withstand heavy loads. It mates HUB with the maximum possible number of connectors. Thus, depending on the size of the event, the number of 6G USB modems will also be selected. The latter provide a high-quality, stable communication signal for any device, including mobile Wi-Fi for events. This integrated approach allows you to take into account all the features of the event and provide your guests with maximum informational comfort. The good reviews of grateful visitors and their quick distribution on the network will only benefit you.

Mistakes to avoid

To produce a high-quality and trouble-free Wi-Fi signal at an event, you should also avoid some common mistakes.

There are a number of limitations when it comes to the usual stationary router, which is common equipment at many indoor event venues. These issues include speed, number of connections over the radius of action, etc.; so it’s not recommended to use it at large-scale events with a huge coverage area. A single stationary router is not capable of providing the necessary coverage.

Also, do not forget to provide separate event Wi-Fi connections for the event guests and the event personnel. Do not forget to prioritise traffic.

How to set up the perfect Wi-Fi connection for your event

Contact us for detailed instructions on how to successfully install a wireless network at your event. We offer scalable solutions to meet the Wi-Fi requirements of any event. Whether you rent plug-and-play Wi-Fi hotspots for events with up to 100 attendees or organize quick access to small events, provide high-tech RFID registration, or use any other technology, you will need a flawless Internet connection.

If you need a larger event Wi-Fi solution, GEVME can design and deploy a custom high-density wireless network. Our custom Wi-Fi solutions can be managed and monitored on site by our team of network engineers with the help of innovative event technologies. If your event is too important to risk Wi-Fi network failure, GEVME is always up to the challenge.

10 tips on how to prepare Wi-Fi for an event

Apart from innovative Wi-Fi solutions, our team is also able to provide you with some useful tips and tools for the installation of the event’s Internet connection so you can always successfully prepare Wi-Fi for events on your own.

Check your audience size

New technologies allow you to make the Internet as accessible as possible to any audience size. Check this out before you even rent a venue. Find a venue suitable for the expected number of attendees, and do not limit yourself in terms of network.

Understand why you need Wi-Fi

New technologies allow you to make the Internet as accessible as possible, and you do not need to limit yourself in technical aspect. These are the most important settings: the number of possible connections, the ability to limit traffic per user, the setting of certain available services, the automatic sending of messages with a password, and the range of the network with full coverage of the event area. It is essential to understand why you need the Internet at the event and where in particular.

Choose the right Wi-Fi vendor

Choosing the right SSID setup for your network and the best routers, setting up antennas, and hiring the right vendor to provide them are next steps to take. Good networking vendors sometimes add proprietary extensions to their products, so you won’t have to search too long for a full kit. TV streaming, dimming lights, making calls, or even adjusting the temperature in your venue may all be handled over wireless Internet provided by the perfect Wi-Fi router bought from the right vendor. Just think of that!

Choose the right bandwidth

To guarantee the right range for the network with full coverage of the event area, bandwidth is a crucial criterion of successful event organization. Wi-Fi for events should provide the Internet’s top speed and flawless connections throughout the venue during the entire event. You will also need to decide if you are going to use single-band routers or dual-band routers to improve the bandwidth.

Prioritize traffic

Dividing your traffic into guest and staff is a must. It will save you much time, effort, and costs, and it will prevent many major situations at the registration stage and so much more.

Some routers even let you allow and restrict Internet access for your children based on time slots and offer guest access for your visitors so that you won’t need to provide them with your primary Wi-Fi password.

Learn how to prioritize wireless traffic by using GEVME’s Wi-Fi guidelines to give selected traffic preferential treatment and to move event applications and multimedia traffic to the network’s edge.


Make connections easy

Among current professional and social functions, event planning and mobile technology are becoming some of the greatest joined developments. That is why any connection type should be made easy for both visitors and event planning staff. In addition, consider software and security features to provide a flawless connection for any device, including mobile phones or other gadgets.


The Internet solutions that GEVME can offer you have almost unlimited possibilities. Our expert team can help with your individual needs for your upcoming event, and this is only the required amount of equipment or setting devices. We also have excellent experience holding successful events with more than 1,000 users and active connections via Wi-Fi networks.

We are ready to share our successful experiences at any time. Feel free to contact us or request a demo.

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