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Infographic suggests there are good and bad times to update social media

Any event organizer will know it is vital to have a good, active social media presence, something we have covered on these pages before in the form of guides to different networks.

However, new research has suggested that there may be good and bad times to publish updates on your various social media channels because your target audience simply isn’t around.

Writing for Business2Community, Social Marketing Writing’s Mitt Ray collated his data and came up with an infographic detailing what he has found to be the best and worst times and days for putting material on websites like Facebook and Twitter.

For instance, the optimum times to add content for LinkedIn were 7am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm. This is not surprising, as the site is mostly used by professionals and this is when they are likely to be checking their smartphones – directly before and after office hours. The best time for Google+ was 9am to 11am, while Twitter users were most likely to engage with updates between 1pm and 3pm.

On the contrary, among the worst times were found to be 12am to 9am and 8pm to 12am for Twitter, 12am to 8am and 8pm to 12am for Facebook and 12am to 6am and 10pm to 12am for LinkedIn.

In terms of days, Facebook performed well on Wednesday but – interestingly – poorly on Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile, Twitter users were receptive Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but also not so much at the weekends. LinkedIn content was likely to be missed if posted on Mondays and Fridays, suggesting professionals are not keen to network either side of the weekend.

However, there is always lots of conflicting research when it comes to best performance on social media, especially since most of your audience are located across multiple time zones. The best thing for event organizers to do is carry out their own surveys and then combine all the tools at their disposal (social analytics tools from Hootsuite and Sprout Social comes to my mind) to reach as many potential clients as possible.

The process can be trial and error, but a little analysis could provide much better engagement with your content.

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