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Introducing Invitees

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of Invitees, a new feature which we’ve been working on for some time and which is aimed at improving your workflow in GEVME in general, and the way in which you manage your contact lists of prospective attendees at an event level.

What is Invitees?

Very simply put, your Invitees are the targeted lists of people whom you want to invite to your event. The Invitees module is, therefore, the place where you start to build these lists of prospective attendees. Think of it as a little Contacts module at an event level. With the introduction of Invitees, the GEVME workflow is now more streamlined and can be summarised in these high-level steps:

  1. Setup your event.
  2. Build your list of invitees.
  3. Send an invitation email to your invitees.
  4. Manage your registrations.

Where is the Invitees Module

The Invitees module is right there at the top of the left-hand navigation under the Manage category:


Why the introduction of Invitees?
Streamlined workflow
Previously, you would have had to build your lists of invitees under Contacts, which is not optimal, as Contacts is shared by all your events. This ended up being difficult to manage and potentially messy, especially if you are handling a lot of events and contacts.
Registration conversion
With invitees, you are now also able to keep better track of the efficiency of your invitation campaigns and the conversion rate of invitees to attendees. More on this can be read in the support article Registration Conversion Statistics.
Building your list of Invitees
There are 2 ways in which you can build your database of invitees:
  1. Importing your invitees
    You can import invitees from:

    1. An external file.
    2. Contacts within GEVME.
    3. Invitees and Attendees of other events within GEVME.
  2. Manually creating your invitees
    You can also manually create invitees under the Invitees module.
For more information on importing Invitees, see the support article Importing Invitees.
What are the implications of this update?
Campaigns can now be sent to Invitees or Attendees lists only, and not to Contacts anymore. If you want to send a campaign to a list that you have under Contacts, import that list to your Invitees first.
Propagation between collections
The introduction of Invitees also comes with an updated propagation model between the Invitees, Attendees, Buyers and Contacts collections. For more information on this, see the support article Collections in GEVME.

That’s about it for this update on Invitees. More information and details on the topic can be found in the Invitees section of our online support. As usual, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, should you have any question, feedback or suggestion.

Thank you for using GEVME, and to your great events!

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