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Kwaver: The Next Music Collaboration App for Events

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The engagement of attendees has always been one of the top priorities of event planning. Some questions that event organizers brood over:

  • What are the ways to keep an attendee interested?
  • How do you ensure attendees explore the different aspects of your event?

If there is very little (or no) form of interaction between attendees and your event, there’s a really high chance they’ll get bored and leave. Thankfully, we have so many event technologies at our disposal these days that event planners have to pick the right ones for the best outcome. It could be the use of different social media channels and a custom event mobile app to bring the whole event experience together. Maybe organizing a simple contest that involves the attendee from the start of event day till closing could do the trick. Whatever the method to engage your target audience, it has to be interesting.

Enter Kwaver, a mobile application that allows anyone to collaborate musically using just their phones. Yes, just their phones. So how can Kwaver work for your events?


A startup based in Malta that first launched its MVP in 2016, Kwaver’s matching algorithm connects a user with other users who share the same musical styles selected in their profiles and they can collaborate with just two taps on screen.

“Think of a guitarist in London, collaborating with a vocalist in New York in just 30 seconds. A new song is born.”

This is what Kwaver achieves – and very well. Now let’s take this into the context of events.


Kwaver is currently running and promoting a beatbox competition, getting beatboxers around the world to submit their best jams on the app with the appropriate hashtags. Not just solo recordings, but song collaborations done with other Kwaver users as well in combined videos.

With Instagram, you would be able to run solo video competitions to get your event trending. Now imagine a music collaboration app that allows your attendees to work together, produce a video and collaborate for a common goal. This could be a very good way to get people coming to your event to participate – even in groups – for your entire event lifecycle.

What’s more, it doesn’t require much effort to pull everything together. All an attendee has to do is download Kwaver and start working with it – adding your event’s hashtag and have it start trending.

So how do you start using it?

How it works

  1. Download the application. (currently available only on iOS)
  2. Create an account.
  3. Look for jams or create your own.
  4. Hit Record and start jamming!

Simple as that. Your attendees could be doing the same, having fun and interacting with your events very quickly with Kwaver.

Explore Kwaver. Go wild with ideas on how you can integrate an easy-to-use music collaboration app to get your attendees engaged. Have them jam for your event, bringing out their inner creativity and unleashing endless amounts of interactivity.

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