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Wednesday / September 30.

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How to Market Your Venue to Aim at Corporate Event Planners

how to market an event venue

Every event planner should know how to market an event venue to make it a success. Corporate event planners are a separate industry segment that seeks out top-notch enterprise venue solutions.

Key reasons to market your event venue

How should you market your event venue so that it unmistakably impacts and guarantees a positive response from your target audience? Effective event venue marketing is the answer. When you promote and market your event business, you can’t possibly separate it from the venue. When you brand your corporate venue, you increase your event brand awareness and promote your sponsors, partners, and other participants of your enterprise. Event venue marketing is the easiest way to attract attention and gain recognition in the corporate sector.

Ways to draw attention to your event space

To increase your venue’s discoverability, reach, and targeted event lead strategy, corporate event planners should consider the following strategies:

  • Get listed on venue directories.
  • Market your event space on social media.
  • Contact your local chamber of commerce.
  • Invite media outlets.
  • Promote via your online community.
  • Promote the area around your event venue.
  • Use things outside a venue that stand out.
  • Set up a virtual tour.
  • Photograph attendees, not just the space itself.
  • Advertise your location via promo videos, etc.


As you develop your marketing plan for an event venue, you may face a number of challenges. It’s important to showcase yourself to gain your customers’ trust. Use a venue that perfectly suits corporate events. After that, if you need to advertise your event venue, complete some promotional actions that truly impact and drive positive reactions, including advertising your venue’s event management or your qualified staff. These and many other activities take a lot of time and demand a more thorough approach. Your corporate venue is the face of your business, so be sure to make a good impression!

When to start promoting a venue

Before you get started promoting an event venue, define your audience.

You will first need to define who you are trying to attract to your corporate venue. Your venue has two distinct audiences: the clientele your venue attracts and the people who book event spaces (i.e., conference organisers, marketing managers, tour promoters, or other enterprises). When you have clearly defined the target, start your venue marketing and promotion.

How to market an event venue with a step-by-step guide

A step-by-step guide to creating a powerful venue marketing strategy with actionable event venue marketing ideas will help you achieve positive results. Let’s begin.

Define your audience

You should define the corporate organisations in your area that conduct a lot of events and seminars, and offer your venue to them. Join a local group or association for corporate event planners, and attend event industry trade shows to find out more about your target audience.

Define goals and objectives

How do you know if you are delivering an excellent venue to your customers? Use real-life goals and objectives to improve the way you do business and measure its success.

Create a venue marketing plan and budget

You should carefully plan out your budget. Follow our budget planning tips and get your finances under control. Remember, your goals don’t need to be set in stone, but identifying your priorities before you start determining how to promote an event venue will help you plan your marketing even better.

Create a unique proposition

To market your event venue in the best way, your proposition should stand out among those of your competitors. Explain the problems you solve, list your most distinctive benefits, define the promise you are making, and then deliver a great result to your clients.

Use social media

Use social media hashtags. Create an event hashtag and stick with it. Organise contests. Contests are an easy way to get your attendees tweeting, Instagramming, or Facebook posting about the venue.

Show your venue

Demonstrate your venue in either real life or via virtual tours. Take advantage of the things nearby: places of interest, historical sites, transportation hubs, and other benefits. Clearly show photos, maps, virtual maps and tours, etc.

Get listed on directories

Market a venue for events through online and printed directories. Get your business listed on all applicable online directories related to corporate real estate and the events business, etc.


Develop a high-quality corporate event venue website. Localise it and invest in search engine optimization (SEO). Use professional photos.

Advertise your location

Develop a referral program. Network with corporate entities, publish high-quality content, release virtual tours, and publish press releases. Be active but strategic on social media, etc.

Creating a venue marketing strategy

Here are the essential traits to keep in mind when creating a venue marketing strategy:

  • Audience
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Product
  • Position
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Venue marketing Dos and Don’ts


The great irony about venue management is that the most interesting venues are often those with the most inadequate audio equipment and the poorest projection capabilities, etc.


Evaluate acoustics, lighting needs, visual communication, and video presentation capacity with the help of an outside corporate event production company.


Lock yourself into the venue’s pre-existing partners, vendors, caterers, or production services simply because you chose their space.


Make sure you separate your venue selection from the vendor selection, and keep your options open!

Venue promotion ideas

Be sure to thank your guests, sponsors, partners, colleagues, volunteers, and other participants who helped you promote and organise your corporate event venue. Attentiveness, hospitality, and a warm attitude will be the key to fruitful cooperation on future projects.

Another strategy is when planners cooperate with other corporate planners and vendors to share space promoting an event planning business. In this way, they can split the costs but still have a prominent presence.

You can show up and showcase and get extra mentions at trade shows, exhibitions, and other gatherings by using business cards, business collateral flyers, venue brochures, guest lists, booth branding, networking, etc.


Following pro tips for marketing, advertising, and other promotional efforts of your event venue will help you make your way to the top. The most critical element is marketing the venue budget in a way that gets results. In other words, start with a marketing strategy and allocate the budget correctly.

  • Set your marketing budget.
  • Allocate it based on the goals you set.
  • Implement your marketing budget plan.
  • Mind the timeline.
  • Keep in mind the target audience.
  • Consider the venue’s capacity.
  • Think about the number of attendees.
  • Remember the concept and event objectives.
  • The decoration & design should fit your goals.
  • Other marketing, branding and promotional elements, etc., can be used.

Regardless of the corporate format and scale of the event venue, leave some space for creative promotion. Also, follow effective tips on venue planning business promotion.

Market your venue successfully

With effective ideas and tips for how to market your venue, you will be more successful when marketing your corporate venue. Offer your venue to well-known writers or bloggers, make friends with media contacts, create a website, think of creative contests, etc. Always reach out to your target audience to let them know about the venue and consistently provide excellent service. Feel free to contact us to find out how GEVME platform can help you in implementing a powerful corporate venue marketing strategy and boosting your profits and growth.


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