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Wednesday / October 21.

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MICE Asia 2015 – SongDivision and AREA Framework

I got a chance to visit the MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition 2015 held in Singapore last week – my first time. They had a stunning range of companies providing state-of-the-art technologies, event solutions and venues. Without ‘hazy’ skies to boot, I’d say it was quite the event experience.

One company that caught my eye at the start was SongDivision.

SongDivision - A great company connecting employees and customers using the power of music

Event organisers are always on the lookout for different ways to engage attendees. It could be through gamification, rewards, and the list goes on.

Now, just imagine. What if you could get attendees to create their own hit songs with the help of music professionals. Sounds good doesn’t it?

It gets better. All attendees have to do is submit different lyric snippets on the spot. If they have melodies or chords – sweet. The professionals will then get the songs done on the spot (within a realistic time frame). After everything’s completed, they’ll perform it LIVE. It can’t get any more awesome than that.

So what is SongDivision exactly?

Sir Richard Branson says it is “a great company connecting employees and customers using the power of music”.

Here’s a video of what you can expect.

If you dig what you’re seeing, check them out on their YouTube or on


Veemal Gungadin - Driving Attendance to Events at MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition 2015

A big THANK YOU to those who came for Veemal Gungadin’s “Driving Attendance to Events” talk!

We hope that you’ll be able to apply it to your future events and get attendees coming. For those that missed the talk, no worries. We’ve got you covered here.

Here’s a brief look into the AREA framework to help with event marketing:

Attract Attendees

  1. Create remarkable content
  2. Segment your audience
  3. Reach out with effective email marketing

Register Attendees

  1. Frictionless online registration
  2. Group registration
  3. Waiting list

Engage Attendees

  1. Generate teaser content
  2. Reach out through email and social media
  3. Encourage sharing

Get attendees to Attend

  1. Make it easy to decline RSVP
  2. Issue ticket with QR/Barcode
  3. Remind pre-registered people

You can download the presentation slides here.
Watch the recorded version of the AREA framework here.

Looking to engage attendees better? Check out our post on the WED framework to see how you can use it for your next event and help with event management.


I’m looking forward to MICE Asia 2016. Let’s see what’s on the horizon for the events industry next year!

Till then, for those of you based in Singapore, keep those masks up if you need to. Stay healthy!


Were you at MICE Asia 2015?

Share with us which aspects of it were great or could be better down in the comments below!

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