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How Much Do Event Venues Cost in Sydney, Australia?

How Much Do Event Venues Cost in Sydney, Australia?

Event experts always say that location matters. When it comes to choosing a venue to hire in Sydney, we agree that your venue choice can turn an enjoyable celebration into a memorable extravaganza. To help make your choice, here are some pro tips on Sydney venues and prices.

Types of event venues


To find out how much event venues cost, determine the event venue types that are available on the market.


Conference centers


These are large buildings designed for conventions, where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. A conference venue in Sydney typically offers sufficient floor area to accommodate several thousand attendees. You can find good event centers all over Sydney.


Business and coworking centers


These are good solutions for people who want to rent a modern coworking space or business center for events with lower venue pricing in Sydney.


Halls & community spaces


A community hall is highly sought after to engage more with people in your local area. In community spaces, you will usually find great meeting rooms, offices, halls, and other useful spaces for your event.




To organise celebrations, anniversaries, and other large-scale event types, you will need a good venue with high-quality food and drinks, as well as adequate capacity. From rustic, traditional restaurants to elegant fine dining, find the perfect dining spot in Australia’s biggest city for your event.


Bars, pubs and clubs


For non-format creative events, consider the best local bars, pubs, and nightclubs recommended by Sydney locals. This will allow your attendees to skip the tourist traps and explore the city like a true local.


Things to consider when choosing an event venue


Keep in mind that there may always be competition for a certain venue, and the cost of event venues will vary. Don’t wait too long to make the decision. There are a number of things to consider before you make a final decision about meeting spaces in Sydney:

  • Consider the capacity

Matching the venue size and the number of guests is highly dependent on the format of the event. Having a comfortable venue capacity depends on the interior, the availability of seats, furniture, and more.

  • Mind the location

Safe parking, public transport, the event area, and the venue as a whole are the first things your guests will encounter. Therefore, this issue should be carefully considered! Be aware of the nuances of the city. If the event time falls around rush hour, choose a location that is well away from the roads and major city life.

  • Think about the purpose

Depending on your intended purpose, be sure that the selected event spaces are ready to meet your event’s particular demands. The interior and infrastructure should complement the vision of the organiser.

  • Décor availability

Regardless of the event type and scale, as a rule, only a limited number of places are available to decorate or brand. Be sure to ask those questions before confirming the venue.

How to find a venue for an event in Sydney, Australia


Keep in mind that there may be competition for a certain venue. In order to carry out a targeted search for a venue, it is necessary to determine the general conditions and criteria that a given territory must meet, average event venues cost, and other crucial details.


These conditions for all activities are quite similar, but there are three factors that represent key cornerstones:

  • The number of guests
  • The time of the event
  • The type of event

The venue for any upcoming event is basically chosen depending on these three factors, as well as some other event elements and criteria, apart from venue pricing and average costs.

Event venue pricing types and average costs


Estimate how much your event will cost by looking at real price quotes and pricing options:

Hire fee


Hire fees are the total amount of money it costs to hire a venue for events, meetings, community outreach, and services.

Dry hire


This term refers to rooms and venues provided to event organisers without any additional features available. This means that you will book the venue without any catering, furniture, entertainment, or any other type of installation or provision.

Package per person


Package per person prices are based on adult double occupancy, just like you see for a price/night in a hotel room. The price is divided per person.


Day Delegate Rate (DDR)


DDR is charged by a venue per delegate per day, based on a full-day meeting. This rate will usually include the meeting room hire, two or three refreshment breaks, lunch, and sometimes conference equipment (flipchart, screen, etc.).

Minimum spend


Minimum spend is the least amount of money you must charge in order to hire a venue. Free venue hires are also possible, so be sure to check out all minimum spend venues in Sydney.

Minimum number of guests


A venue for small-scale events may charge a minimum spend plus a 10% service charge. Therefore, any food, drinks, or anything else will be divided across the total number of guests and be calculated per head.

Pricing for the most popular event venue types in Sydney


In Australia, there are event types that are extremely popular and highly sought after by event organisers. Here are some of the top options with approximate event venue costs.

Meeting Rooms

You will find about 676 meeting rooms in Sydney NSW, Australia with equipment, LCD projector screen flipcharts, food and drinks, tea/coffee, lunch, other facilities and guest rooms, WIFI, parking, and more starting from $50p/h up to a $10,000 fixed price.

Wedding Venues

You can find over 300 incredible Sydney reception venues (updated for 2019) for 15-400+ guests with prices ranging from $60p/p to a $5,000 minimum spend/per evening.

Conference Venues

Sydney is home to some spectacular world-class conference centers. You can search for and browse up to 256 conference venues and conference rooms in Sydney with all the necessary facilities and other services included.

Best 10 event venues & meeting spaces in Sydney, Australia

from $25,000 min. spend

from $1,500min. spend

from $400 per session

from $5,000 min. spend

from $1,400 min. spend

from $1400 min. spend

from $69 per person

from $82 per person

from $82 per person

from $20 per person

from $2,000 per evening average event space cost

Tips for choosing an event venue in Sydney, Australia


There are 7 critical tips for choosing an event venue successfully:

  • Count your guests

Matching the venue size and the number of guests is highly dependent on the format of the event. Is it necessary to arrange seating or tables for guests? Or will it be more efficient to organise an event in the form of a cocktail party? Having a comfortable capacity for the venue depends on the interior, the availability of seats, furniture, etc.

  • Explore the location

Safe parking, public transport, the general event area, and the venue as a whole are the first things your guests will encounter. Therefore, this issue should be carefully considered! Be aware of the nuances of the city. If the event time falls near rush hour, choose a location that is well away from the roads and major city avenues.

  • Be creative

Corporate events in conference halls, hotels, or crowded bars have become pretty boring. However, even such ordinary events can shine if you do one simple thing: choose an unusual or unique location. Decorate and brand the venue in unexpected ways. It is good practice to prepare a short preview of the venue location and the most convenient way to get it decorated, branded, and promoted.

  • Check the weather

Pay attention to summer terraces, rooftops, or open areas as well as boats or other unusual venues. There is no sense in languishing in stuffy rooms in the middle of summer. Check the weather forecast and pay attention to finding a site that will impress the guests of any event, provided there are no unexpected problems like rain, wind, etc.

  • Stick to your objectives

Specify whether the selected location is ready to host your event. The interior and infrastructure should complement the vision of the organiser. The features of a room can make the event incredibly comfortable or add unnecessary trouble. A clear understanding of the purpose and expectations for the event is the most important aspect of preparing and choosing the location.

  •  Musicians or DJs?

Good technical equipment at the location will simplify your preparation for the event, as well as help you save money on renting and delivering speakers, remote control, cables, and other equipment. Also, it will certainly save your time and effort in searching for the necessary equipment. It’s important to clarify any restrictions concerning noise and time issues for the event.

  • Food & drinks

Pay attention to the venue’s kitchen setup. Another option is to order from a catering company or food truck. Professionals will help you choose the menu depending on the type of event and the number of guests. Therefore, food is the consideration that you definitely need to take care of in advance.

Plan an event in Sydney efficiently

When looking for unique event venues for business, cultural, educational, and entertainment programs, choose corporate event venues in Sydney with our help. We offer you a high level of service and an individual approach during your stay in Australia. We can also aid in the development of programs in accordance with your event theme and offer various options for hotels, restaurants, transportation services, and so much more.

When you know how to pick a venue for an event in Sydney and have considered all the important criteria, such as the average prices and other details, ideal event venue, location, equipment, food, and beverages, the task will not seem nearly as frightening as it might have before. The success of your favorite event in Australia is guaranteed with a reliable and affordable venue that you can find and hire through GEVME. Planning to organise an event in Australia?

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