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Planning an event doesn’t end with the event itself. Instead, it is after the event that you are able to assess its effectiveness, and reap the benefits. These metrics should be determined during the planning phase to facilitate convenient analysis post-event. The goals of every event may differ from one another, so consider what the event strives to achieve. Whether it is sales, publicity, or branding, set your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such that you are able to measure them in figures. Here are 5 examples of general KPI that you can utilize in measuring the success of your event:

Planning a cool, hip event and getting fed up to the ears with the same old event venues around Singapore? Besides preparing online promotion, seeking a place that will bring unprecedented experience to your attendees? Look no further. We have done the hard work of scouring for you. And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the 7 coolest meeting venues in Singapore for your events!

When organising events like conferences, concerts, seminars, or trainings, a huge amount of work falls on the shoulders of the event manager, and that burden needs to be unloaded as quickly as possible. There’s also the event email marketing to consider! Most event organisers are looking for an easy, fast, inexpensive, but effective way to talk about their upcoming event. Email is the best way to get this done!