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Selecting ticket prices wisely in order to cover the expenses you spent on the event organisation and derive the expected benefits can greatly increase event attendance. That is why you want to boost event attendance with the help of your ticket pricing policy. Every event planner should use the top clever deadline pricing tips to boost events.

Knowing how to measure event marketing success has long been a key factor in determining the degree of success of any event or enterprise. The development of event technology has led to new and more effective ways to monitor ROI. Therefore, first of all, it’s necessary to learn about the use of technology and to know how to interpret the results.

Event participants are always hoping to get more bang for their buck, and as event coordinators, we must ensure that they retain event learnings and also satisfy our attendees’ desires. One sure-fire approach to educating attendees is through various trainings: workshops, classes, gatherings, meetings, boards, and, obviously, general sessions. How can you guarantee learnings from an event while offering benefits to both the participants and your event technology brand? Let’s find out!