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Saturday / September 26.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

No employer wants to see dejected employees in the office with that “I wanna go home” look on their faces. Yes, working through challenging tasks can be quite an undertaking. That’s probably why someone smart invented team outings. But guess what: Corporate events can actually be quite boring as well. To ensure you make the best use of your corporate event budget, check out this list of exciting activities we’ve compiled for you.

Tight deadlines and endless checklists no longer cause experienced corporate event managers to panic. Still, it’s important to understand that by reducing your workload with a strong online system for event management, you have the opportunity to make a corporate meeting even more brilliant. In other words, event management software is something that helps you do more with less effort. According to Nicola Lloyd, the events manager for Mason Frank International, “The less you communicate, the more chance there is of something going wrong.” Event management platforms take control of a huge part of your communications.

People attend events to connect. This simple truth should be the guiding light for every event professional who expects his or her work to bear fruit both during and after an event. By designing a strong system of wireless Internet connections that works well with your event, you can build a bridge between an audience and an event brand. With innovative event technologies, you not only enable full wireless Internet coverage for any venue, from stadiums to parking lots, but you also increase the quality of onsite interactions.

One thing is for sure, you can’t spend a budget you don’t have; but what you can do is make as much use of it as possible. You won’t believe how incredibly flexible an event budget can be. Throughout our experience, we’ve seen quite a few strategies related to corporate event budget optimization. In this article, you’ll find six fundamental lessons we’ve learned.

If you’ve ever been to conferences like CES, which hosts over 200,000 attendees annually, you must have asked yourself this one question: “How do they manage such a huge crowd?” The answer is that you just need one strong event communications plan that is supported by reliable devices and that can be used on site to deliver messages and give instructions. Sound easy enough? Well, it’s not really a piece of cake. To be able to carry the weight of a large-scale event, one should start developing a detailed plan of interaction weeks or even months before the start of the event.

Showing recognition for employees’ achievements by awarding travel experiences may be an old trick but it’s also one that’s not going away any time soon. According to Transformativa’s survey results, 65% of employees claim that they appreciate incentive trips more than any other form of reward. Still, before breathing a sigh of relief, you should understand that the demands and tastes of corporate staff change, which leads to the evolution of new incentive travel programs. This means that sending your team on the same leopard safari in Sri Lanka that you did five years ago simply won’t work today. We’ve collected the top 10 tips for planning an incentive trip that keeps up with ever-changing trends.

Despite what sceptics may believe, impressive lighting design is an important part of your corporate event atmosphere. The common mistake many event professionals make is viewing lighting as simply an embellishment that doesn’t play an important role in the event’s performance. The truth is, creative lighting solutions for events can be the perfect tools for guiding your audience’s attention, presenting information, and transforming the venue space. We’ve compiled a list of the top five lighting companies for corporate events that can do all of that and much more.