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When it comes to the world of corporate events, there are countless trends and ideas constantly emerging that one needs to understand and implement in their own event, from event ideas to cutting-edge technologies. However, the one thing that can set your corporate seminar apart is how seamless the entire execution of the event is for the attendees. Going big for your seminar might sound like a great idea for your brand, but if your attendees don’t experience a hassle-free event, then all your planning and effort has been in vain, ultimately making your event an unsuccessful one.

Event organisation is synonymous with multitasking – and I challenge anyone to deny it. Even if you’re one of those people who can’t operate without checklists, you should still always be ready to change your event plan and take on hundreds of new challenges at the very last moment. The reason is that there are always things you just can’t control, from low conversion levels to poor engagement on social media.

With the meetings industry getting more sophisticated, the costs of event production are quickly increasing. From advanced check-in technology to high-tech VR/AR entertainment, there are numerous areas that require extensive investment. This means smart budgeting is crucial for you to master if you expect your upcoming event to rack up a lot of expenses. So how do you make it smart? While many event planners focus on cost cutting only, the key to success is using as many diverse revenue streams as possible, with sponsorships being one of them.

Sometimes it only takes a catchy subject line and an informative message to turn a contact on your list into a real event registration. This is why it’s true to say that effective email marketing tactics can take your event strategy to the next level. According to DMA Insight, 99% of people who use email check their inboxes every day. That’s an impressive percentage, wouldn’t you say? So what does this mean for you as an event planner? The short answer is that you have many chances to persuade people to attend your events through the emails you send. Let’s explore some of the tips and email event templates that you can add to your professional arsenal right now.