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The successful achievement of event processes isn’t limited to one tool in 2018. Today it’s rather about a set of software applications integrated around a specific operation. SMART integrated solutions that complement the functionality of your software are vital to event planning. We’ve collected practical advice on how you can hone your strategy by making friends with popular platforms like WeChat and Video Stream.

To be a strategic innovator in the industry of events, you have to invest much time, energy, effort, and dedication in the art of event management. Building event experiences that inspire, educate, and collect the best expertise is the challenge tackled by millions of professionals worldwide. Reviewing the achievements of the experienced event managers in Singapore, we discovered that some talents deserve a public showcase because they make excellent examples of event efficiency.

They tweet hundreds of stunning event hacks, words of advice, and motivating statements every week to keep you attuned. They have a variety of out-of-the-box solutions for events at their fingertips. They can craft a winning formula for any event, even one with a limited budget and running out of time. To draw as much inspiration from event management successes as possible, we advise you to keep an eye on these influential Twitter profiles: