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Wednesday / October 21.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

In our first episode of Digital Event Series, we discussed how to start running a virtual event with Ed Nedin, the founder of, where Ed shared his first ever experience of organizing an event. Interestingly, Ed had never organized events before. Since our last meeting, Ed held his second grander event, Node.js Global Summit 2020. It took place on the 30th of May and gathered more than 10,000 registrations. We decided to contact Ed and ask him about the details. 

A lot of things have changed within the last few months. Business events and events, in general, will not be the same. It’s becoming clear that there will be a new normal. Event organizers scramble over this new event industry reality

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about cancelling or postponing your event. Thanks to online event planning software, you can take your offline event online. Today, it is easy to replace offline events with online events. All you have to do is learn a new way to do it. You can learn all about necessary skills, frameworks, tools and etc in our ‘Digital event series’. From organizing events online to managing online events, we are here to inform you. 

The ongoing pandemic, the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), has severely affected companies, organizations, and businesses across the world. With efforts to stop the new virus strain from exponentially spreading from one continent to another, and eventually the whole world, social distancing and prohibiting people from gathering together is highly encouraged, if not enforced in some places around the world.

Are you looking for more valuable information and advice to grow as an event manager and professional? Nowadays, you don’t have to look far to find helpful tips and advice on event planning and event managing. Blogs, online courses, and workshops are helpful and informative. But podcasts are even better. They are useful and quite convenient for people who are usually on the go. Today you can find an array of podcasts related to the industry of events and meetings. If you go online and search, you can find event management podcasts, event planning podcasts, event industry podcasts, and even podcasts in event technology. The information is out there, you just have to know how and where to look for it.