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Table of contents:

What is event signage?

How can it be used?

The benefits of using digital signage

The top 10 event signage placement ideas

  • Handmade stage
  • Live displays
  • Social media walls
  • Photo zone
  • Outdoor displays
  • Barriers
  • Floating signage
  • Original registration booths
  • Indoor navigation signage

How signage affects attendee experience at your event



You can’t deny that signage is crucial to your event in order to attract the attention of attendees and shape their impressions about the event. As an event manager, you must find a smart balance between the functionality of signage and its potential for being memorable. The best way to do this, of course, is to add some tech.

We’ve collected the most creative event directional signage ideas that will teach you how to turn digital signage into a win–win for both event organisers and visitors.

With its strategic location and 5,000 establishments involved in the maritime industry today, Singapore is the perfect locations for marine events. Organized by Reed Exhibitions, Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) is an iconic exhibition and conference that takes place on every even year in Singapore and focuses on the latest innovations in maritime and offshore.

At international trade shows, it’s all about tailoring experiences to the interests of visitors and exhibitors. If you go on a tour through the trade show venues during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), you’ll be astonished by how products and exhibited technologies fit perfectly with the facilities with 2.5 million square feet, four luxurious halls, the best entertainment…the list goes on and on. Where’s the cost saving here, you may ask? Well, there actually is some. In fact, despite going for luxury, organizers still manage to minimize expenses by introducing paid tours for everyone who’s eager to see behind the scenes of a super techy trade fair.

You definitely don’t want to get into a situation where you’ve done the perfect job managing an event, but a single mistake by a vendor ruins it all. Picking an event vendor is like building a loving relationship: you choose a partner who is reliable, caring and eager to stay with you long-term. We’ve put together these working tips for event vendor selection and the types of vendors you’ll have to keep in touch with.

One main reason why event marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in the advertising and marketing industry is that event marketing efforts often aren’t easily recognizable by laymen like us. We forget the thinking that hides behind free samples of that “new” cocktail that everyone’s been talking about and sometimes, easily even accepts free t-shirts in exchange for filling out a simple application. I mean, haven’t we all fallen victims to these event marketing efforts at some point?  Well, the success of an event is ensured by these very clever marketing strategies. Apart from these, here are 11 more hacks you may adopt to boost your event marketing efforts.