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They tweet hundreds of stunning event hacks, words of advice, and motivating statements every week to keep you attuned. They have a variety of out-of-the-box solutions for events at their fingertips. They can craft a winning formula for any event, even one with a limited budget and running out of time. To draw as much inspiration from event management successes as possible, we advise you to keep an eye on these influential Twitter profiles:

Diving into the preparation of enterprise events without setting clever goals, can cripple your strategy. Poor budgeting, lack of resources, and failure to organize the work of your team accounts for ineffective goal setting. The initial steps in event management can be the key decisions made in your enterprise events. Learn the mistakes that you can’t allow in your strategy and nail your enterprise event’s success.

Let’s be honest! The successful marriage of an event venue and a limited budget is a rarity. Great parties and fabulous business meetings require luxurious settings, which aren’t always affordable. But wait, don’t bury your event planning aspiration too early. With a smart plan and few creative ideas, you can make it work. We’ve collected some tricky suggestions for picking affordable event places in Singapore.