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Organizing an event is never easy. Without running effective promotions to draw in registrations, you will only get a small number of attendees at the end of ticket sales. What’s more, only a certain percentage of people who registered will show up on event day. No-show attendees mean less attendee engagement at your event. You do not want your significant event prep work to amount to nothing.

If you’ve been tasked with organising a prestige conference for your corporate delegates in London, the pressure is on to find a truly outstanding venue to wow your guests. Your job as an event planner is to locate a suitable conference venue that’s close to the city’s famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Look no further, here are 5 fantastic venues inspired by Function Fixers London venues specialists, that should be on your shortlist.

Let’s face it — capturing registrations through an online event website has made it really easy for event organizers like you to hit your registration targets. With a wide variety of online event management software such as GEVME readily available for your event needs, you are spoiled for choice. What’s the one deciding factor that could affect your event should you overlook it in Singapore?

Ensuring that your event website is PDPA-compliant.

Chances are, your website could be processing between 50 to more than 1000 registrations during your event registration period. You don’t want to have your website liable for any personal data protection issues just because one or two obligations of the PDPA act were not met.

Let’s take a look at how you can make your event website PDPA-compliant.

Post-event surveys are a great way to better understand your target audience. These surveys can reveal a lot of insights as to what your attendees liked and disliked about your event.

However, like every other form of feedback, post-event surveys may not be adequately designed all the time. The questions asked on the surveys may not be relevant enough to produce useful answers that you can use for the future.

Find some great tips here on how you can design post-event surveys along with other related factors.

An organization is required to make the necessary security arrangements to protect personal data in its possession or under its control as stated in The Protection Obligation of the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore. You as an event organizer have to give your attendees a peace of mind when they submit their personal data to you. How should you go about keeping the personal data in your control secure?

Table of contents:

How an online ticketing system works

Ticketing differences for small and large events or conferences

Key factors when ticketing for a large event

  • Reliability
  • Cost effectiveness

Important details for your event tickets for large conferences

Step-by-step plan for organising online ticketing

Mistakes to avoid

  • A complicated registration process
  • No online support

How to set prices for event tickets

How to use GEVME to set up event ticketing


Online ticketing for events can be quite overwhelming for the event organiser. After all, you need to manage and look after a number of other things as well. It therefore becomes quite difficult to manage ticketing for a large event.

We have come up with some amazing and useful information that you can use to organise your ticketing system for your conference. We will discuss how you can effectively manage your tickets using online ticketing systems.

Event professionals and marketers are a fun and sociable bunch. But make no mistake. They’re also competitive when grind time comes.

Did you know that 83% of B2B marketers are heavily invested in events? Moreover, 16.3% of event marketers increased their spending in 2016. And with more and more businesses seeing the value of face-to-face interactions, you can safely bet that these budgets will only increase as the years go by.