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Do you want to get the most out of your live stream events online? Whether it’s a concert, conference, or an art exhibition, knowing how to live stream an event online is fundamental; however, insufficient. If you are looking for the best way to live stream an event, you need to know how to set up your live stream properly and what you should do before you go live. Consider this article your ultimate guide to learn what it takes to live stream an event. From announcing your live event to the equipment needed to live stream an event, knowing the right way to set up your live stream event is integral to its success.

Are you looking for an online invitations maker? Whatever online event you plan to have, you need an original way to invite your attendees to the event. And, today, creative online event invitations have become as popular as hand-made invitation cards. You can find several websites to make invitations online. Some websites are free to use, while others include a price but come along with more features. Nonetheless, whatever online invitation maker you use, you will save time preparing invitations and instead devote your time to organize and manage your online event. 

Today virtual events, otherwise known as online events, continue to grow in popularity around the world. Technology is now at a level where companies, individuals, or organizations can organize virtual events that even rival actual events. You can discover more insights about the future of virtual events in our recent survey results on digital conferences. Surely you can find many powerful and useful tools online to organize an online event. However, if you are new to this or just looking to know more, you are probably wondering how to host an online event, and how to do it right. 

In our first episode of Digital Event Series, we discussed how to start running a virtual event with Ed Nedin, the founder of, where Ed shared his first ever experience of organizing an event. Interestingly, Ed had never organized events before. Since our last meeting, Ed held his second grander event, Node.js Global Summit 2020. It took place on the 30th of May and gathered more than 10,000 registrations. We decided to contact Ed and ask him about the details. 

A lot of things have changed within the last few months. Business events and events, in general, will not be the same. It’s becoming clear that there will be a new normal. Event organizers scramble over this new event industry reality

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about cancelling or postponing your event. Thanks to online event planning software, you can take your offline event online. Today, it is easy to replace offline events with online events. All you have to do is learn a new way to do it. You can learn all about necessary skills, frameworks, tools and etc in our ‘Digital event series’. From organizing events online to managing online events, we are here to inform you.