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It’s quite a wonderful time to be alive. With all the possibilities that technology can offer, the world is smaller than ever, and that is undoubtedly good news for the marketer or influencer. With clever use of online platforms and social media, it is more than possible to spread a message that will spread far and wide and reach audiences anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Most of my clients asked me this question before, “What differentiates a good event management platform from an average one?”. Then I told them about data management. If you have an one-off event and decide that you will never have another similar event in the future, then you need not read further. However, if you are keen on event marketing and want to leverage events for generating business, you must not miss this article. An event management platform with integrated CRM will be key to your success.

As with any operation or business that you will run in your career, ensuring a high level of quality across your products is of the utmost importance. In fact, even at the early stages of your company’s existence, you can ride through storms of the lack of quantity of contracts or a less than healthy financial situation. However, it is my firm belief that if you get the quality control aspect of your business right, then the appropriate results will naturally follow. In this article, we discuss three simple ways to ensure your events are always at a high level of quality.

As someone who’s spent a lot of his life onstage, I speak from personal experience when I say that one of the worst things for any performer is to have to play to an empty hall. Needless, really, to say, that’s far worse for an event planner to experience in a way as the repercussions extend to and include professional pride and financial culpability. And on that happy note, let’s think about ways to avoid this doomsday scenario and how you can be confident that your guests will be there for the stellar event you have prepared.

It is possibly true that in this digital age “space” has come to be understood differently. What used to be the sole domain of physical areas like buildings or open parks can now be expanded to the online arena. Nevertheless, the vast majority of events are still physical events and physical events need venues. Let’s dedicate this article to what you should look for when scouting an event venue.