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Saturday / January 16.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Transformative, disruptive, revolutionary: as soon as a new technology hits the scene, there is a pressure within companies to get on board with it ASAP in order to be a part of the next big wave of change. From my experience, however, the relationship between technology and business – specifically the events industry – is a strange one, and deserves a more considered response.

We have all been there – you’ve done your job (excellently, I might add) for a good amount of time now and you’ve reached a level of competency that you yourself might not have envisaged a while back. There’s just one problem – you’re now experiencing burnout and you feel you need a break. In this article, let’s find out how, as event professionals, we can avoid that unfortunate familiar crushing sense of suffocation.

Sounds like a fairly routine event job to organize a party – prepare the venue, get the food & drinks, pick up the music and DJs, send out the invitations and start welcoming your guests. While it is indeed the same workflow that applies for your small private party, it is not easy and does require a good amount of horned skills to organize an epic party that will have people talking.

In the digital age, data privacy is gaining more and more attention. Many marketing and sales activities have been moved online. Digital crimes and digital terrorism have become a real threat. Recently, Belgian police warned residents not to use the new Facebook reaction buttons due to a privacy concern. To quote the police, “If it appears that you are in good spirits, Facebook will infer that you are receptive and will be able to sell advertising space by explaining to the advertisers that they are more likely in that way that you will react.”