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Many things and anything can happen while preparing for an event as well as come event day. A small overlook can cause a lot of trouble and damage to an event that was demanding to plan and execute, which can be difficult to recover from. With the amount of things to look after, it also means that there is a variety of factors and the possibilities are endless that can negatively impact the event.

Dubbed as the financial and luxury hub of Southeast Asia, the cleanest city, and the 2nd-safest city in the world, Singapore has always been a top choice of location for holding international and regional events. The Little Red Dot, a media nickname for Singapore, is highly connected to the world with 100 airlines flying to 300 cities worldwide, and is one of the most accessible cities in Asia with minimum visa requirements. According to a study by Credo, Singapore has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world. (The other cities are Copenhagen, Denmark and Santiago, Chile.)

As an event planner or organizer, an important part of your responsibility is making sure that everyone in attendance at your event is in a safe environment, and that your venue is secured. With a large amount of people gathered at events, security issues can arise in many forms, from terrorist threats and protests to mishaps in equipment and general emergencies. Here are 3 tips to take note of as you plan for your event to ensure a safe and secure function.