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Saturday / January 16.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

As a business, you might adopt a love-hate attitude towards sponsorships. Perhaps one of your favored clients approached you and you found it hard to turn down, so you begrudgingly agreed, or you are simply doing it because everyone else is doing it. While sponsorship is done by most companies, it tends to take backstage compared to other marketing initiatives like online marketing, PR, and more. However, it’s time to shine a spotlight on it, as the return on your investment could be invaluable and prove to be more affordable and effective compared to its marketing counterparts. Read on to debunk some notions about sponsoring and learn more about its benefits for you as a brand.

Ever heard a few sighs across the office right after hearing that there’s going to be a company event, conference, or something that usually takes up half a day during that special long weekend? Well me neither, but that doesn’t mean all is fine and dandy. We all need that extra break and relaxation but if an event has to happen during the sacred period, make sure that everyone is happy during and after the process.

A successful event not only gets what the organizer wants, but also helps to nurture and promote well-being and foster better relations within and beyond your organization. Sounds good? Awesome! Here are 10 entertainment ideas for your next corporate event.

News about global warming and climate change have found their ways to be present on our daily newspapers in almost any part of the world. Twelve hours ago, The Guardian reported that more than half a million could be killed a year globally by 2050 as climate change impacts agriculture and causes malnutrition, according to new research published in the Lancet. Leonardo DiCaprio, winner of the Oscar’s Best Actor Award this year, voiced his concern about climate change in his victory speech, calling it “the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”

With the advancement of technology and consequently the deterioration of our attention spans, slides have become indispensable visual aids in every presentation, serving as tools to engage the audience, and to keep them in the loop of what the speaker is talking about. Managing slides may sound like one of the simplest component in giving a presentation, but done well, it can elevate the quality of your presentation and event. Here are 3 tips to better manage your slides during events!

Do you know that 3 out of 4 marketers globally in 2016 prioritize an inbound marketing approach, according to a report by Hubspot?

The same Hubspot report also claimed that inbound marketing can save companies 61% per lead. That is understandable as you pay for advertising to get people’s attention in outbound marketing approaches, whereas you earn people’s interest through inbound marketing. Aside from being cheaper, inbound marketing is also sustainable. The content you have created on your blogs, social media, podcasts, etc. will remain effective for lead generation long after a marketing campaign has ended.

Besides a goodie bag filled with exciting gifts and marketing collaterals, what a guest brings back with them is an invaluable experience, which holds the key to the success of an event. While experiences tend to be intangible and subjective to each individual based on their thoughts and feelings, it is not impossible to craft and facilitate a desired experience for your attendees. Read on for some important factors in designing the best event experience for your guests.

When it comes to catering food for attendees at events, we’re always befuddled by the simple question of “how much should we order?” We don’t want to order too little because hungry attendees are hangry (hungry and angry) people.

So what do we do?

Order more food – way more. We’ll have everyone well-fed and risk food wastage instead of putting our attendees’ satisfaction on the line. The result? We’re faced with global climate issues and inequality in food distribution globally.

Not quite the best outcome.

Well, let us explore a few options in this article to handle the excess food we have at events and put them to good use. Feel-good suggestions coming right up!