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Saturday / January 16.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Have you noticed, in the past events that you organized or attended, that visitors not only come from all backgrounds, seniority, and industries, but they have diverse reasons for being there as well? The most commonly observed reasons from many events are:

  • Catching up with old colleagues and friends in the industry (“Missed you buddy!”)
  • Checking up on competitors to plan for the next course of action (“Wow, can I get all your brochures? And I ran out of my name cards…”)
  • Got an invite from your vendor, so why not skip the office for a while and grab that VIP lunch? (“Boss, I’m there to fact-find about the latest release of …….”)
  • Grabbing as many booth freebies to make the time spent worthwhile (Enough said)

The truth is, most event visitors are genuinely interested in discovering business opportunities during an event. But, why does it feel like you couldn’t connect with your audience to unearth such opportunities, and most leave the event without any meaningful conversations at your booth or with your sales teams? If you are the organizer or an exhibitor of the event, it is your job to make their time worthwhile by first getting clarity on their objectives, and adding value through clear, real-time communications of what they need to know, and where they can best achieve their objectives before, during, and after the event.

The marketing industry has been undergoing tremendous changes over the past few years. In fact, according to a study from Adobe, marketing has changed more in the past four years than in the last 50 years. Things are so fast moving that only 48% of marketers today feel highly proficient in digital marketing.

One of the methodologies that has been taking the marketing world by storm is Inbound Marketing. According to HubSpot’s new State of Inbound 2015 report, 3 out of 4 marketers across the globe today prioritize an inbound approach to marketing.

Inbound marketing can be very effective when applied to events. Here are a few tips on what you can do to promote your event using inbound marketing techniques.

What is the first thing you think about when it comes to events?

Is it the experience? Could it be the picturesque view that comes with the venue? Maybe it’s the food. Maybe it’s the way it resonates with you.

Think about the last time you’ve been to an event that appealed to you so much that you almost felt like it ‘spoke’ to you. Have that thought in your head? Good. Let’s proceed. Don’t worry if you can’t recall an event that fits.

We’ll explore the reasons why you should create a persona for your event that ‘talks’. Learn also why you should do so on a platform that has become an extension of our daily lives – social media.