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How to Acknowledge Event Sponsors

How to acknowledge event sponsors

Times are changing, and in the era of digital technology and superfluous information, the needs of sponsors have increased significantly. That is why it is crucial that event organizers know how to acknowledge event sponsors. Here are some practical tips on how to attract sponsors, meet their requirements, and make your sponsors happy so that they will sponsor your events again and again.


Why you must recognize your sponsors

From the very first meeting with a potential sponsor, your main task is to get them interested in your event. Your success will depend not only on how vividly you describe the main idea of the project but also whether you can correctly understand and meet the goals and mission of the partner. There are certain ways to recognize these qualities as well as to thank your event sponsors.

Sponsor recognition tips:

  • Make a unique offer.

Before an event, ask direct questions: “What do you expect from the event? What are your goals?” Forget about the standard sponsorship package; these are no longer popular. Uniqueness, personalization, a deep understanding of the sponsor’s needs, and the ability to create an individual approach to making the event ideas possible are best.

  • Communicate on a personal level.

During the process of building partnerships with event sponsors, you will need to learn not only how to recognize a sponsor and the business image of the company, but also the identity of the person who heads up the company. Perhaps his or her moral beliefs, values, and life experience echo the core idea of your event. A closer relationship with a potential event partner will help you find points of contact, which will likely increase their interest in your event.

  • Integrate sponsors into the event.

The ways that you can appreciate sponsors are not limited to displaying a single banner or an informational booth, which have become an integral part of every event. In the world of the modern event industry, however, there are many more ways to effectively integrate partners. This could include a sponsored stall with free snacks and decorated with the sponsor’s logo, a lounge area, a sponsored dance floor, an interactive game, or even just a spot where anyone can charge their mobile phone. When developing a cooperation concept with a sponsor, consider the needs of the event’s visitors, and then everyone will benefit.

  • Take advantage of social networks.

Do not forget to make active use of social networks. In today’s world of events, instead of placing a logo on napkins, a partner may instead put forward the following requirement: “We need a certain number of tweets during the event.” You should do everything possible to make sure this request is met, and the sponsor will be more likely to continue working with you in the future.

  • Motivate sponsors with special privileges.

Give partners special privileges for their support: Give them the best table in the hall, prepare memorable gifts for them, or arrange an exclusive meeting with celebrities if the latter are participating in your event. Sponsors will appreciate the special attention they receive.

  • Help your sponsors make new acquaintances.

Help these companies get to know each other. Perhaps some of the sponsors will find a suitable partner at your event and reach a new level of communication, and next year you will receive the support of two already grateful partners and how to thank event sponsors will not be an issue anymore. A casual talk or booth arrangement according to the sponsor’s interests may sometimes help them to establish great contact.

  • Manage their expectations.

Be extremely frank and open with your sponsors. Keep them up to date with everything that is happening at the event site. If there are any areas that are experiencing difficulties, do not try to hide your mistake; it is better to report the problem to them directly and try to fix the issue together. Their support is essential.

  • Provide timely feedback.

Be punctual. Within approximately 48 hours (the exact time will depend on your event partner’s needs) after the event, provide the sponsors with your detailed feedback, such as photos from the event and data on the goals achieved: the number of visitors, revenue, or other indicators that were negotiated during the preparation of the event. Thanking sponsors following an event is another necessity.

  • Create a thank you message for sponsoring your event.

After the event, do not forget to thank the sponsors. Thanks can be expressed over the phone, by e-mail, or in a video message, where the event management team can discuss the difficulties encountered during the planning stage, the joys of victories, and the unforgettable impressions of the event that such a wonderful sponsor helped to organize. Learn how to thank sponsors of an event from the leading event industry players.

Here’s an effective sponsorship thank you letter sample:

how to acknowledge event sponsors

Writing a thank you letter is an important part of following up with the sponsorship organisation and the event management process.


Sponsors do not just help with the budget; they help you organise and promote the best events. To connect all your efforts together, it’s recommended that you create unique offers and support them with well-thought-out event organisation ideas. If they meet the sponsor’s expectations, be sure to get his or her help in your event organisation and management.

The more you demonstrate what the profits and payback of sponsorship investments will be, the happier your sponsors will be. Sponsors love investing in good events, but the primary interest is always a monetary valuation from their participation.

Find more brilliant ideas on how to acknowledge event sponsors with GEVME, and we also welcome your own ideas in the comments below!

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