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Saving Costs with an Event Management Software

Cost is always a big concern for event organizers, regardless of the event scale. That might be the reason why many shun the idea of paying extra bucks for an event management software, or opt for free tools. However, if you were a designer, would you choose to subscribe to Adobe Photoshop or use free Microsoft Paint?


So I must admit that using an event management software, especially a good one, can be expensive. So why the article title says “Saving costs with an event management software”, you might ask. The costs that I’m referring to are not only the costs that are planned out during the planning but including the unexpected costs incurred throughout and even after your event. Furthermore, “remember that time is money”, quote Benjamin Franklin. You will not only save money but also a tremendous amount of time. And that’s what we really mean by saying “saving costs”.

 1. Everything at Your Disposal

There are a variety of things that you need when it comes to planning an event: website, online registration, attendee data management, EDM, tickets, survey, social media … you name it! If you engage different parties to help out, you might be facing a project management nightmare. Trust me. I’ve been there, done that. It isn’t easy to get the message right through a few ears and get things done according to timeline. It is, however, very easy for things to be time-consuming and not cost-effective. How much should you pay for web design? How much should you pay for online registration? How much should you pay for printing tickets? How much time will it take to liaise with such many parties?

A software made ready to be used is a gem for big projects since it provides you with all the necessary tools. All you need to do is to input the data, and there it runs, smoothly! 

2. You Will Be On Cloud Nine

I was kidding. You will be using Cloud Computing for most softwares nowadays. It can be easily understood as a web-based software. There’ll be no installation and no syncing. Instead, as long as there’s a connection, you can use the software in browser on multiple devices. 

What does that mean for you? That means there’ll be no installation cost and you will get access anywhere and anytime. All you need is a browser. However, it’ll be a plus point if there’s a mobile app that goes hand in hand with the cloud-based software because using a mobile browser is not ideal for your eyes. 

3. Real-Time Data Analytics

No more surprises for the event manager! If you only knew that your promotional package didn’t work days after it’d been rolled out, how big would the loss be? If you don’t know how many inventories are left for merchandise sales during the event, will you be able to make the best sales decisions? I bet not. 

Speaking from personal experience, the real-time data analytics proved very useful to me in the check-in process. It’s vital to know whether all my VIP guests have arrived, and in case they haven’t, I need to know if there is anything I can assist them with. 

4. Fast and Efficient

If Quicksilver can become a hero because he’s quick, so can you! Success comes down to those who are fast and efficient because they will have plenty of time on their hands.

For example, many of our event organizer clients have painful experience with payment procressing that include taxes and post-event accounting. In addition, if you don’t have a system that allows your staff to follow consistently, there will be money leaking in various forms. 

5. Less Paper Policy

If you happen to be an environmentalist, great. Otherwise, you will be like me, jumping for joy when you have to carry less paper with you, or even go paper-less!

An event management software substantially reduces postage and print costs for invitations, surveys, unused name badges, guest lists, etc.

6. Less Staff Time

This is obvious. You alone cannot at the same time do web design, sending hundreds of emails, creating Excel sheets, checking in guests, printing tickets, so on and so forth without a team.

But yes, you can do all those alone with the help of a comprehensive event management software.

 In Conclusion

So, saving costs with an event management software is all about putting things under control, avoiding any financial mistakes, increasing efficiency and cutting down manpower cost. Do you have any comments or want to voice out other ideas? Let me know in the comment section below.

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