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Tuesday / September 29.

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Striking the Right Chord with Your Attendees

Music makes the world go round. We all have at least a favorite tune that we’re constantly listening to these past few days. You love music. Everybody does! It encourages us during tough times, pumps us up whenever we hit the gym and comforts us whenever we commute on a stuffed-up train on a Monday morning. Music has been thoughtfully applied in many ways such as in departmental stores, lifts, and even public bathrooms to motivate certain behaviors and even actions. It is a language that everybody in the world understands or in this case, feel, yet couldn’t fully explain. But the important question here is, “how can you apply music to motivate and engage your attendees at an event?”. Here are some ideas.

The invitation

Graffiti of an envelope

Instead of simply sending an email to inform and invite people to your event, try introducing a small incentive after they have signed up for one in the form of a music download. Attendees could pick from among the genres they’d like. Or, perhaps, certain genres can be made available for the picking that relates to the vibe of the event.

On location

A string quartet

Select a set of music that plays at the background softly during an event. Not only will it eliminate the boredom of silence when attendees are checking in but it fills the area with ambiance, encouraging people to socialize and mingle more. Alternatively, you could also hire a band to provide live music which not only entertains but also contributes to the overall vibe of the venue. Ultimately, the goal here is to ready your attendees to be receptive by using music; laying down the preparation work before the message is delivered to your guests.

The big sell / Call-to-action

A microphone on a stand

A rousing speech is often accompanied by an epic soundtrack. Consider delivering one with the aid of an instrumental piece. Be sure not to make it sound cheesy unless it’s intentional. Either way, it should help to make your closing message memorable.

I believe music has the power to influence and motivate people, it’s used in cinema, advertisements, even at public spaces. If done right, it could drastically increase participation rates and improve participant acceptance. The next time you organize an event, take the time to explore and innovate ideas using music to engage your listener.

If you’ve a great idea in using music as an effective tool, let us know at the comment section below!

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