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Tuesday / November 24.

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The Event Planner’s Quick Guides to Conferences

the event planners quick guide to conferences

Conferences of different sizes require different approaches for the best planning and marketing possible. Event planners have their own strategies to organize events to fit their target attendee size, but they tend to differ across the board. With the help of event planning veteran Ariane Tan, we have come up a tried and tested framework to set the base for all events of all scales. Enter the Event Planner’s Quick Guides to Conferences.

Below 200 Attendees

At first glance, putting together a 100 – 200 pax conference seems like a walk in the park, and it is certainly so. This guide will show you that even with entry level experience in the events industry, organizing a small conference is surprisingly easy.

Get this guide for a deeper insight into how you can plan your first successful event over a period of three months.

Download Guide for Below 200 Attendees

200 to 500 Attendees

Unless you are an experienced event organizer, you may or may not be faced with putting on a conference and not know where to start. This timeline is a basic outline of planning a 500 pax conference over a period of five months.

While no two events are the same, as is every lead time, budget and target market, there are several steps you can take as an organization that will allow you to plot out and maximize your event’s success.

Download Guide for 200 to 500 Attendees

Above 500 Attendees

Conferences of a much larger scale typically require a great deal more time to plan. You need essential skills such as multitasking, attention to detail and great organizational skills.

Make your event planning process simpler with a conference planning guide that will keep you on schedule and help map out the blueprints needed for planning a conference of this magnitude.

Download Guide for Above 500 Attendees

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