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Top 10 Places for Event Management Certification

Top 10 Places for Event Management Certification

When you work in the event industry, sooner or later you will need qualification and certification of your skills to stand out from the bulk of planners and to provide proof of your expertise. Nowadays, you can find many event management professional certification programs and courses. It’s up to you to choose which one will best advance your career!

About event management certification

There are three highly sought-after event planning distinctions to strive for: Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP) designation, the Certified Meeting Professional certification from the Convention Industry Council (CIC), and the Certified Meeting Planner program from Meeting Planners International (MPI). You may also research and apply for many other event management certification courses in Asia or elsewhere.

Reasons for event management certification

It’s quite an advantage to be a mature event planner. What else can help with career promotion and other sought-after advantages? A top event management certificate program of course! Needless to say, there are numerous management certification advantages for both experienced planners and new organizers.

Certificate programs in event management, chosen in accordance with your career goals and business specifics, mean a lot in the highly competitive, fast-growing, and changing industry environment. The modern event industry offers a variety of different certifications and training event planner programs that you may want to check out. Choosing the right planning certification program will upgrade your professional level and add to your company reputation as well.

Event management certification guide: The top 10 programs for 2019

We’ve picked the best event management education programs, courses, certification programs, and trainings that will help advance your career growth in 2019.

CMP: Certified Meetings Professional

CMP: Certified Meetings Professional

This is a certificate course in event management that expands your knowledge and site management capabilities, strategic planning, event marketing and design, and other content areas. A healthcare-focused CMP is also available.

СSEP: Certified Special Events Professional

 CSEP: Certified Special Events Professional

A globally recognized certification for event management and an event management license endorsed by ILEA (International Live Events Association) improve your industry performance and provide event professionals with the opportunity to immediately gain expertise in the events industry.


Global Travel Professional (GTP)

Get some expertise in the field from the Global Business Travel Association. Courses cover managing the financial aspects of overseas events, negotiating with suppliers, and more.

CPCE: Certified Professional in Catering and Events

CPCE: Certified Professional in Catering and Events

Certifications for event managers are nationally recognized, and organisers that complete the program are recognized as experts in the catering, hospitality, and events industry.

CTSM: Certified Trade Show Marketer

The CTSM program is designed for mature event professionals who are looking to elevate their mastery of trade shows and corporate event marketing.

Certified Quality Event Planner (CQEP)

An event planning and management certificate program that covers these topics:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Defining objectives
  • Storyboarding
  • Risk analysis, etc.

This guarantees a good entry-level certification by means of introducing fundamental event industry topics that ought to be studied.

Certified Event Planning Specialist (CEPS)

This is an event planning certification for new professionals. It allows you to check your background and helps with acquiring your entry-level knowledge of event planning.

Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)

Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)

This is a University of Virginia program for meetings. It provides an event planning license after you complete the required meeting project to demonstrate your professional meeting management skills.

Digital Event Strategist (DES)


This is an online event planning course, meaning that it teaches about virtual events, an increasingly important event area these days. You get certified as a virtual event planner upon completion of the course.


Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)

If you complete the course, you will be provided with priceless networking opportunities and a valuable knowledge base.

Tips on how to pass event management certification

Only after you are through with your courses will you be a full-fledged and certified event manager. That is why there are some tips you should follow before you choose your training and take an exam.

Take it seriously: Keep in mind that your program is a long-term investment that demands the appropriate attitude.

Use all the resources available: Use any materials provided and do your own research.

Adapt the data: Make all the data you receive and the resources you use suitable for your own individual way of learning.

Take courses: Attend every training day and complete all of the homework tasks.

Ask graduates for help: Just as in school, feel free to ask questions and take help from those who are more experienced than you.

Follow up afterwards: Continue to be involved in communities and committees, write articles, participate in webinars, attend industry meetings, and make sure to network. This will enhance your career growth.


Once you have researched the basic event management certificate and training, it will be easier for you to choose the best one. You also will know how they relate and how they will affect your event planning, your company, and your career in particular.

You’ve come to the right place if you are curious about event manager certification but have not yet decided which one to take. Contact us, and we will help you choose a program right away!

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