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Top 15 Event Blogging Tips

blogging tips

Although we do our best to provide up-to-date event management news, we also look for fresh event industry insights on other blogs and web services to improve our professional activity. You’re welcome to use our event blogging tutorial and benefit from the top blogging tips and blog examples for ultimate results.

What is event blogging?

Internet event blogs, corporate blogs, diaries, news portals, or online event feed journals are websites that contain constantly updated records, text images, or multimedia concerning existing or upcoming events. Posting data via such resources is called event blogging. It may be national, cultural, independent, international, religious, seasonal, etc. There are various aspects of corporate blogging. It may be informational only and does not  describe when an event occurs, or it may be a blog about event blogging secrets, event reputation management, environmental issues, event apps, and so much more.

How does an event blog work?

A blog is made to target a single-day audience as well as weekly or monthly visitors, and it can receive a huge amount of traffic. A good event blogging case study can be seen with Hubspot, GEVME,, or

In a short span of time, you can earn income for your event enterprise if you blog regularly, after you create a blog on a particular topic in a particular niche. By means of your blog search engine optimization (keyword use), you can rank your website in the top Google search positions.

Regular posting makes your resource dynamic and highly rated for search engines as well as useful to readers, increasing your brand awareness and search reputation, etc. If you monetize your blog, you will earn extra income. If not, you will simply increase the amount of organic traffic to your event landing page and turn conversions into leads, boost sales, and so on, which can also be profitable.

Reasons for event blogging

Apart from the profits, there are other event blogging hacks and reasons to write corporate event blogs. Corporate blogs are a powerful tool that are widely used today by competitive intelligence specialists throughout the region and abroad. Active events on the Internet are, in many cases, much more successful if you write about them in your corporate event blog. In some serious cases, the use of this tool even allows you to prevent large corporate wars so that you can be limited to local hassles only.

Event blogging provides many event blogging tips for those who are already running a corporate business or are about to launch one; event blogging makes it clear how things are going in this area and how to overcome typical problems, etc. We believe that competitive intelligence and the sharing of ideas and tools help specialists to be fully aware of the market situation, competition, and innovations.

What should your blog look like?

We’ve picked some successful event blog examples. This is what your event blog should look like:



blog screen.png

A Hubspot blog design sample


A blog by

event blog.png

What do people want to know about an event?

Three-quarters of millennials value experiences over things. This means that people are seeking valuable event blogger tricks and tips, event managing case studies, and sharing of your own experiences as an event planner.

Another basic challenge for you is to convince visitors why they should register, attend, and celebrate at a particular event. You can do this by telling them about the benefits of observing events or using event management apps, etc.

Sharing different useful information, event management styles, affordable venues for events in Singapore, and other useful event-related data is what your potential readers are looking for when researching events via blogs.

You can also mention all the products and services with your affiliate links that people should follow so that they can purchase a ticket to enjoy a specific holiday or event.

The top 15 tips for your event blogging

Finally, you can follow these top tips for event blogging. Here are some of the tips we often stick to:

Define your goals.

There is no action without a goal. Blogging should have a clear objective: traffic, conversion, leads, or some other benchmark of success.

Research your audience.

Pick the means you prefer the best: use Google Trends, Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, Google search or other search engines, social media metrics, etc.

Do a competitor analysis.

Choose the method and apps for competitor analysis: SWOT, SPACE, online tools like SimilarWeb, Alexa, etc.

Do content research.

Again, there are plenty of content and marketing tools to use online related to SEO and social media research, etc.

Do keyword research.

The Google keyword tool and other content analytics will come in handy.

Come up with the content strategy.

As soon as you’re finished with the above mentioned points, move ahead with a strategy. Figure out the what, why, and where of your blogging and so on.

Write for real people.

There should be no compromising between SEO-oriented and user-oriented content. Blog for people first and for your rates second.

Use images, videos, and useful links.

Media makes your blogging alive, attracts more users, and feeds search engines.

Create backlinks.

Exchanging useful links and page rank growth tactics are natural for professional and fruitful blogging.

Do guest posting.

Collaboration is key. Make friends with other bloggers who have great industry insights and a great search reputation.

Update your posts regularly.

Your blog should be alive to rank well and interest new readers. Publish regularly, and make content changes in a timely manner.

Allow comments and shares.

Establish a strong connection with your readers and react and interact via your blogging sphere.

Involve industry experts.

Ask for expert views, and invite industry tycoons to help with content. Do networking and collaborate with competitors, if possible.

Set up an RSS feed.

News, news, news. Stay tuned in tomorrow! No more, no less!

Monitor the Internet

For monitoring page impressions and the latest news on the Internet, use free tools such as Google Alerts, Talkabout Alerts, etc.  

These tips will help you stay abreast of the latest event blogging trends and will be very useful to your target audience as well.

The top 5 blogs to follow

We’ve also picked some top-rated blogs to follow in the event management niche. Enjoy them.

  1. GEVME

Global event industry insights from the leading South Asian event organisers

  1. Event Manager Blog

An event technology and trends how-to guide for professionals

  1. Event Industry News

An online event magazine/blog on the latest event organisers, promoters, event management, and production news for companies, suppliers, experiential agencies, and corporate event professionals 

  1. Eventbrite Blog

Shares excellent event promotion tips and social media use guidelines along with some productivity hacks and fun content

  1. Judgify

An award-management blog with in-depth content and fresh judging and contest ideas


There are many useful event blogs you should look through as well as blogging hacks, tips, and tools to apply for the best event management experience. You’re also welcome to contact us and use our tips on how to do event blogging and ultimately succeed with event organisation.

Feel free to leave your own blogging tips in the comments below!

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