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Top 6 Brand Activation Ideas

The Top 6 Brand Activation Ideas

The busy event season is the time for all kinds of promotions, bright pop-ups, and other ideas to activate a brand. In this article, we share the best ideas for brand activation and brand integration for your future events.

What is brand activation?

The brand activation definition assumes the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. In simple terms, the key aim of the best brand activation campaigns is to get consumers to act. It’s about bringing brands to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections.

Reasons for brand activation

Consumer brand activations help to breathe life into a company and can build a very loyal fan base for your event. Metrics for brand activation campaigns include the following:

  • Consumer reach
  • Brand relevance
  • Return on investment
  • Long-term potential
  • Integration capabilities
  • Uniqueness
  • Amplification

So how do you make your participation in business events effective, and what common mistakes are likely to occur? We’ve found a couple of common mistakes.

Common mistakes and what not to do

  1. Participating in events mechanically: This would be once a year or very rarely with few presentations. This type of relationship with the client becomes merely a way to throw money away.
  2. Making an entertaining business event: This mistake is based on the idea that you should not overload your customers, as they already know everything they need to know. The main thought is to build harmonious relationships. Thus, “parties” are held for serious companies. The client comes for contacts and business solutions and receives only a friendly atmosphere or a show instead.
  3. Making presentations without taking into account the human factor: These are situations where performances are very dry or difficult to understand.
  4. Forgetting the small things at the event: There may be forgotten badges, poor seating, lack of snacks, muted microphones and screens, etc. As a result, you’re faced with potential customers who are frustrated.
  5. Lack of a transition to the next stage in working with the client: It often happens that customers cannot be converted because of a lack of interest. Nobody thought to offer a subscription to an interesting newsletter, participation in a future event, a questionnaire to get feedback, etc. This is a serious mistake since group events become an effective tool for connecting people for direct sales, the ability to use the opinions of groups; the strength of their dynamics are quite important.

How to activate a brand

Brand activation is essentially the process of making a brand well known and loved by your consumers. So how do you achieve creative brand activation? The process of building and circulating a brand image, giving consumers various unique experiences, and creating conversations and other networking opportunities will be great activation triggers and are all part of the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction.

Brand activation best practices

1)Nissan’s Interactive Snow Globe

At the Oculus exhibition at the New York-based Westfield World Trade Center, Nissan installed a 12-meter, multi-touch dome to demonstrate the adaptability of the Nissan Altima to changing climate conditions. A photo zone for guests was also organised as part of the exhibit. The project was created in collaboration with the agencies TBWA / Chiat / Day, Fake Love, OMD, and MagicSnow.

2)Pop Up by Kohl’s and PopSugar

The Kohl’s clothing store, together with the PopSugar clothing brand, at the Oculus exhibition at the Westfield World Trade Center, New York, organised a store where visitors could order clothes on the spot. Guests could get a discount on Kohl’s purchases by personally choosing coupons in a special area.

3)  Miracle on 7th Street

Drink Company arranged the fifth New Year’s pop-up by opening a festive bar in Washington, DC. This time it was decorated in the Smithsonian’s National Zoo theme. The wall was painted by artist Andrew Funk. In the figure, pandas are eating doughnuts, a traditional treat for Hanukkah.

These and more interesting and creative brand activation examples are available for review from our experienced experts.

Brand activation ideas for your next campaign

Successful brand activation campaign examples may be found in many forms and may involve some or all of the following best practices:

Promote unique customer experiences

Build long-term support for your brand through activation by promoting unique customer experiences and connecting with your customers on a deeper level than you would be able to in a traditional setting.

Encourage customer promotion

Whenever you bring your business booth to an event, encourage customers to come and participate in whatever activity you are offering. It’s best to implement limited-time offers, competitions, giveaways and games, etc.

Solve customers’ problems

Listen carefully to what the customer has to say, and let them finish before you jump in. Ask questions in a caring and concerned manner. Put yourself in their shoes. Apologise without blaming them when you solve their problems during or after the event.

Give your audience what they want

Create brand activation and use your brand activation to boost sales by linking the event directly to a new release or featured item.

Capitalise on specific trends

Many successful businesses were started by entrepreneurs with an ability to see a trend before everyone else. Try to learn how to capitalise on marketing trends by employing skills, attracting the right people to your team, and researching consumers in a particular region, country, or city.

Make learning about your company’s history fun

Carefully examine the history of your company, and cater it to the audience through your best products, services, and solutions you provide. What leadership believes makes a dynamic statement about the company’s achievements and attracts people for long-term cooperation.

Creating a brand activation strategy

How do you plan a brand activation so that you create a strong brand campaign and achieve the maximum results? Here are the steps to follow:

  • Set a goal
  • Decide what it is you want to accomplish with brand activation
  • Create a budget
  • Understand your audience
  • Create a call to action that will help you quickly reach your goal and meet the event’s objectives
  • Use all the channels you can to deliver your marketing message

Don’t forget to choose the best event marketing tool to measure your brand’s activation success.

How to measure brand activation success

There are at least five ways to capture and measure results at events that will deliver the ROI you want and need to justify your event activation strategy:

  • Social engagement
  • Leads
  • Giveaways
  • Sales
  • Impressions

Feel free to share your brand activation measurement metrics in the comments after the text.

Implement the new brand activation ideas

You can hold an event in the form of a game, competition, lucky draw or giveaway to activate your brand or reactivate it during the most suitable periods at an event. It all depends on the event’s objectives and other business and marketing objectives as well as the organiser’s imagination. Highlight the best practices and apply them in your brand activation event. Get started a free trial now to see more options!


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