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What Makes a Great Event Organiser?

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Event management has changed dramatically in the last few years, especially as new technologies have emerged. Event software, when handled properly, can be a great help, but to be a truly exceptional event manager, one needs to be blessed with certain personal qualities.

It’s these special qualities – the 10 we’ve set out below – that distinguish a top quality event manager from one who is merely mediocre.

1. Interpersonal skills

Organising an event is a team effort, so event managers have to be able to work side by side with their team, as well as other people, to ensure the success of the event. Managers should be able to delegate and listen to feedback from colleagues without any issues and without getting upset or angry.

They should also know exactly what the client’s brief is and try their best to fulfil all the requirements, or come up with acceptable alternatives. Some people are born with the skills to manage a team and communicate effectively and they’re the ones who make great event managers.

2. Passion and energy

The job of coordinating and organising events is extremely demanding and stressful, so it’s vital that event managers have a tremendous energy and passion for the job. Sourcing the best events venue, dealing with changes to the event, moving the launch date forwards or backwards, replacing an entertainer who cancels at the last minute… or just helping a speaker locate an auto-cue; all require a great deal of passion, energy and a can-do attitude.

3. Creative flair

Successful event managers do things differently and in innovative and creative ways. They’re able to think outside the box, to look at a problem and see it as a positive challenge rather than a negative one … and then come up with creative solutions. Top event managers have an innate ability to resolve situations calmly, positively and creatively.

4. Adapt or die

When organising an event, it’s as well to remember that nothing is fixed in stone. Things are in a constant state of flux and can change at a drop of a hat. Good event managers find it relatively easy to adapt to handle any changes that suddenly come up. They also have the ability to think quickly on their feet.

5. A keen eye for detail

Whoever said ‘It’s the small things that matter,’ was spot on. This applies in particular to event managers. They need to have a sharp eye to pick up the slightest thing that’s out of place. They should show a talent for delving into things, getting to grips with the tiniest details, so that an event under their control runs smoothly and perfectly. That keen sense of observation can prevent little things from going wrong and becoming a major problem.

6. Time management skills

The ability to multi-task is a given in the event manager’s job, and so too is time management. Top quality event managers are sticklers when it comes to things happening on time – from the arrival of their team, to the set builders, the entertainers, the backroom staff, caterers, rehearsal times, and so on. The ability to prioritise and follow strict timings is a key aspect of the job.

7. Enthusiasm

It’s difficult to teach someone to be truly optimistic and enthusiastic. This is normally an inherent quality in people, and if you want to make it as an event manager, you’ll need to have boundless enthusiasm. Successful event managers possess an abundance of enthusiasm, which helps to overcome the many obstacles and problems that rear their heads while organising an event.

8. Leadership skills

Event managers must possess good leadership qualities. The event team needs guidance and quality leadership from their event manager as do clients and all of those involved in making the event a success.

9. Organisational skills

It goes without saying that an event should be seamlessly choreographed so that everything goes off smoothly. Organisational skills can be learnt, but mastering them is difficult if you’re not born with the skill. An event is like a juggling act – it’s a constant struggle to keep all the balls in the air. Possessing superior organisational skills probably means you were born to be an event manager.

10. Tech savvy

The availability of technology has significantly changed event management, and managers need to be comfortable with and well versed in using it. Technology speeds things up and helps to make event managers be more productive and efficient. They’re able to access venue management software, event ticketing software, and more and this ultimately makes their work easier. Successful event organizers know how to make the best use of tech tools – get started for free.

This article was written by Dakota Murphey, an independent content writer who is passionate about sharing her knowledge on the events management industry.

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