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What You Should Be Doing 24 Hours Before the Event Day

Take instructions about what you should be doing 24 hours before event day

Whether you’re an event organizer, the host or the actual celebratory, the success of the event that you’re planning to hold will be dependent upon careful planning. To plan for an event, it’s strongly advised to have a checklist. Your checklist can be categorized into different aspects of things you need to buy, things you need to make, things you need to get before a certain day, things you need to do after the event, and so and so forth. Having such a list will help you organize your thoughts and your correct course of action.

Create a Checklist for Equipment

The equipment to be used before, during and after an event is very important and therefore must be taken into careful consideration. A checklist of equipment needed will be very handy in understanding the tools for event organizers.
A list of equipment before the event will include that equipment and materials necessary in setting up the venue. These are normally the tools you’ll use in creating decorations, setting up the lightings, arranging the chairs, sound and video set ups. For big events, it may also be necessary to include the names of the point person who will be responsible for any particular equipment.

Top 5 things to check

The type of the event, the number of attendees and the venue where the event is taking place will determine the type of equipment and materials you’ll need. In  general, here are the top 5 things you’ll need to check off to enable a successful event:

1. The venue – what is the event, and where is it going to be held. To check the venue, you’ll need to know if the venue owner will and/or can provide some equipment that will be needed for the event so that you will not have to source it out somewhere else

2. The attendees – knowing and checking with your attendees will also help determine the kind of materials you will prepare for the event. For example, if the majority of attendees will be kids, then it will be a great idea to have the colorful, playful and unbreakable equipment and materials in the venue. Whereas, if the event is for dignitaries, professionals or top honchos of various companies, then it might be relevant to ensure that you design the venue elegantly.

3. People who will facilitate the event – List out your suppliers for certain items. List out the people who will be helping you before the event (in information and invites dissemination, in setting up the venue etc.), during the event (who will be in charge with registration, with the host, the usherettes, the people who will be in charge with the audio etc.) and after the event (the people who will be helping out in taking off all the equipment used, cleaning up all the plates, ensuring all garbage are well sorted etc).

4. Suppliers and subcontractors – some questions you may ask yourself: who will supply your party favors? Who will be your meal provider or caterer? Who will supply the flowers, balloons, cards etc.? So everyone that you need to contact and make arrangements with in terms of supplies is categorized as your suppliers or subcontractors.

5. Budget – This may be last on the list, but definitely the most important. You have to set a certain budget for the event. You need to check, recheck and even ask someone to help you reassess if you are working within the budget.

For more items to prepare for the event, and tick off the event checklist, head over to localist.

How to Engage Attendees Before Your Event

The success or failure of your event will depend on your attendees’ varied reactions about the event. That’s why it’ll be helpful if you engage your attendees even before the event takes place. Engaging your attendees entails asking for their feedback, ideas or suggestions on how to make the event successful. Engaging your attendees may also mean asking them to do a series of actions and the culmination of said actions will take place during the event itself. Engaging your attendees can also come via the form of networking, in a way that more people they can attend. This can be rewarded by a higher chance for them to get a certain prize or award that will be given during the event. Engaging your attendees before the actual event is just a matter of creativity and resourcefulness with the result being productive for you as the host, celebrator or organizer and to your invitees.

Ultimately, you will also need to work towards engaging your clientele and reaching out to more people. You can do more and learn more about engaging attendees by reading articles on the topic. Get started with GEVME and have all event activites under strict control on a big day.

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